Pirate & Siren

Can you love me, Pirate?

A dark thing, like yourself? 

I am not like any woman you have ever known before. 

I do not follow the rules of men, or obey the order of day. I live by the lawlessness of night and the chaos of the deep. 

My soul— like the endless dark waters… is fluid and magic… forever ebbing and flowing where it pleases. 

I am a daughter of the sea… a wild and savage creature. You cannot fight my will… nor can you tame me or bottle me up. 

I am not a treasure to be possessed, but a divine being to be worshipped.

Many men have fallen for my beauty… but to have my love, to hold my heart…you must journey through the very bowels of Hell to claim it. 

So again, Pirate… I ask you… can you handle my immortal love? Or shall I sacrifice your heart to the belly of the sea, like all the other men before you?

© J.G.


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