The Ghost

She comes to me in the darkness of the storm!  And O, what a horror it is to look upon such a face as hers!  A pallid face, smeared in blood! And always her black eyes piercing my very soul! Pleading with the most ghastly of stares, chilling me to the bone!

What she be, I can never know for sure… Be it a demon or hellion from the bowels of the deep… But she shows me flickers of humanity so compelling… I cannot ignore her suffering…

When she comes, she calls to me! Begging for mercy! Begging for my assistance in matters I cannot begin to comprehend!

Always do I answer! “But how?! But how?!” But she only ever moans and cries out in the most wretched and horrific of screams.

I wait for her now. Whenever a storm blows towards our lands… I wait. Knowing she will come for me. Knowing she will need my sympathetic heart to greet her in the shadows of her eternal night!

© J.G.


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