Twitter Collection / JAN 2017

This post will be update frequently.

A list of my original content I post to my Twitter feed.

(That is not yet posted anywhere else)


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I. I don’t get butterflies, darling. I keep a colony of bats in the dark of my belly.

II. Howl like there is moonlight in your eyes and wolves in your lungs.

III. Wolves are singing hymns in the moonlight… can you feel their sorrow weaving through the trees?

IV. I’m drunk on dreams, and the sun who mocks me, will never understand the beauty of whispering stars.

V. Breathe in the night, my darling, for dawn approaches!

VI. Her shadow is one I’ll forever love standing in. Her darkness fills me.

VII. Her cheeks gather tear drops like soft petals of blushing rose sprinkled with morning dew.

VIII. My true love is Night, and her heart- the moon, is the magic that soothes my soul.

IX. How does my wild taste upon your lips?

X. There was no poetry until Eve entered the garden.

XI. She is a beauty that both rivals and intrigues the gods.

XII. She was blessed with an incurable disease of the soul- wanderlust.

XIII. She was like the moon, cratered and carved by the injustices of the cosmos. But even so, she was beauty incarnate.

XIV. And on the those lonely nights, I take my skeletons out and dance with them in the moonlight.

XV. The darkness is giggling, giddy on the saccharine tang of your fear. It lingers in the air, an ambrosial drug for the beasts of Hell.

XVI. You are just the thing to feed my demons…

XVII. I’m stuck in lonely daydreams of you…

XVIII. The moon loves a wild soul.

XIX. Omens moan like banshees in the whistling wind. Close the shutters, lock the door… but Death will always find you.

XX. They only dance for war drums now…

XXI. Shadow crow, forever flys through a broken sky, always alone as the lonely shroud of Death.

XXII. Screams like silent thunder, pound behind dead eyes.

XXIII. Moonlight sweet, laces my soul with warm dreams.

XXIV. The Moon has fangs, hungry for enemy skin… ancient creatures that only darkness mourns.

XXV. I fell asleep in your darkness. I slipped away in your cold.

XXVI. The woods are only dangerous for those who don’t belong… for those she cannot trust with her secrets of old…

XXVII. Remember, the ancient language of the stars! Let their light, fill your darkness! Let their song, lead you home.


Clinical Depression: When your heart is dying an excruciating death… just for the Hell of it 💔

XXIX. My heart is raw from weeping. Why must sadness burn this way?


The space between Heaven and Earth becomes no more…

for when we touch, skin to skin, flesh to flesh, so do they.

Our union has the power to deliver lost Paradise, back to the garden,

where man once knew God.

But, this sacred power must be wielded with care,

for the reckless passion between wild-lionhearted lovers like ourselves,

could very likely, doom the Great Sky to collapse into absolute nothingness,

leaving our world in the eternal chaos of utter darkness.

But, I will forever risk it, everyday… every horrific end…

just for another greedy moment with you.

XXXI. The space between sleep & death, is one I visit frequently. It feels right… to be cold and isolated. Feels like home.

XXXII. A rain so light, cannot wash away my sorrows, they cling ever so tightly. So like Ophelia, I found a river to drown the pain.

XXXIII. I delight in madness, for that is where my power lies.

XXXIV. Shred my skin, to match my tattered heart! Don’t be gentle, darling… claws and fangs are what I need to forget the pain of illusion.

XXXV. And never shall we part, my love, for Death already keeps us in his company. 🌹💀🖤💀🌹



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