The Dance

In the grandiose centre of the old venerable cathedral, is where we dance! We are bodies of rotting flesh, corpses with skin hanging from crumbling bones… an endless array of nightmarish and grotesque hellions doomed to this macabre spectacular. Endlessly, we sway to the unnerving discordant melody emanating from the haunted organ made of gnarled disfigured bones, as it reverberates through the grandeur of the gothic ballroom. We spin and spin. Turn and turn…. like possessed windup dolls. All the while, chandeliers of dripping wax, flicker and spark, keeping us bewitched and spellbound. We are the children of madness and chaos. The perverted puppets of Death… and we await your company, for we are the hollow heartbeat of the Devil himself… and forever we will abide in the infinite black vortex of his soul.

© J.G.


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