“Time has given me many names, and mortality has given me many friends… would you like to be my friend, beautiful?”


A long black nail ripped across my throat. He had etched the River Styx upon my milky flesh… and my soul was quickly drowning within its unforgiving red waters.


He had the look of an angel with the promise of heaven in his eyes… but darkness inked his deed. Only a creature of the underworld could be so morbid and blood thirsty.


“Reaper?!” I gasped with my dying breath. I wanted him to take me away. I didn’t want to linger in this pain! The raw burning pangs of my soul being torn from my body. But even worse, was the mental torture of imagining all the “what ifs” my life had written upon my heart. I needed to abandon the world of the living before I could be tempted by its haunting whispers.


“Time has given me many names. And mortality has given me many friends. Would you like to be my friend, beautiful?” I blinked at him, my voice no more. My lashes fluttering to keep the tears from blurring my sight…
He must’ve understood the desperation in my eyes. “I thought you would,” he replied softly. His lips met mine. He whispered in my ear, “it’s time to cross the river, love… To a place where you can live forever in the comforts of eternal death.” I sunk into his arms, yielding to his power… ready to become the living dead.


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