Twitter Collection / Feb 2017

This post will be update frequently.

A list of my original content I post to my Twitter feed.

(That is not yet posted anywhere else)


I. Don’t be silly, darling! You can’t treat a wolf as if she were any ordinary dog! There is wild in her bones, that deserves respect.

II. She had a head full of thunder clouds and her heart was hopelessly drowning in the flood.

III. Be careful who you chase… Some things are more dangerous than fangs and claws.

IV. Feral? Quite. But I assure you, sir, that I keep my blades clean and polished like any civilized lady would

. 🖤🔪💋

V. Revenge is just a classy name for a savage practice. Bloodlust is always vindictive. Calculated murder, always brutal.

VI. Let me help you, darling… A pinch or two of Nightshade should do the trick.

✖🌹☠️🌹 ✖

VII. O my sweet Melancholia! I must say goodbye… You never treat me right & I’ve existed in your shadow, far too long.

VIII. Beyond the Meridian of Always, I found a place where dreams come true…


IX. The shadows purr hymns of fiendish delight, For their Mistress of Darkness, the Queen of the night.

 X. In the City of Angels, she was just another wild thing, struggling to survive in the shadow of divines.

XI. Teach me to be like you: to feel absolutely nothing when the world shamelessly watches me burn in the chaos.


XII. I’m just a message in a bottle lost at sea, forever alone with the waves and my secrets.

XIII. Be reckless and wild, child, before sunrise taints the forbidden magic of night. 🖤🦇💋

XIV. If you must know… I have a touch of madness. But don’t worry… it’s only contagious for those who fall in love with my dark side.

XV. I fell in love with a basilisk once, and now my stone heart, can only be cured by that lovely and elusive kiss of Death.


XVI. I wish life was as simple as sitting in the woods and singing with the wolves… 🌙🐺🐺🐺

XVII. The Furies are my sisters, & I can just as easily drive a man to madness… So step lightly, my darling.

 XVIII. Getting lost in the music is the only thing that makes sense right now…

XIX. When the angels lay down to sleep, I rise with the moon to play with the stars.

XX. Nocturnal vibrations pulsing through my veins… ✖💀✖

XXI. I can’t afford to dream…

XXII. They were going wild, like a pair of werewolves on a full moon.


XXIII. He’s rugged and tough, a mess of rusted metal and barbed wire. He’s a survivor like smoke rising from pavement.

XXIV. Draped in nightmares and death, I walk amongst the living… the people smile and nod, all too comfortable with the burdens I carry.

XXV. Where do I belong in the rhythm of the night?

XXVI. Since the beginning of beginnings… I’ve been matter. Just not the kind that mattered.

XXVII. I’m a nocturnal, moon-loving lunatic. In a past life, I must’ve been a werewolf. 🖤🌙🐺🐺🐺

XXVIII. Time to sleep away the Sun until Mother Moon returns


XXIX. Dandelions purr in the sunshine, and roar in the moonlight. But in the quiet of twilight, they whisper dreams for the taking.

XXX. Hearts on loan always have to be returned…

XXXI. Just forget me, darling… I was never anything worth crying over…

XXXII. Gather, darlings the Witching Hour is upon us!

XXXIII. I’m a Villainess, darling… what did you expect would happen?


XXXIV. Sweet girl with wicked muses 🖤🦇💋

XXXV. To all the poets, writers, darklings and shameless weirdos… I ~heart~ You! 🖤🦇💋

XXXVI. Always be wary of people who keep half empty bottles of poison around…

But it’s too late now,



XXXVII. Changed my username! Combination of Obscure & Curious. Also, similar to Obscurus from Fantastic Beasts (& HP=Life) so it all works out.

XXXVIII. >>> WRECKAGE <<< What a beautifully tragic word.

XXXIX. The night has left us, lovey, as it must… O what a bitter fate to be endured— trapped in a realm of mortals!

XL. Every beast was once something fragile… and perhaps somewhere deep in their core… they still are.

XLI. Rise from the grave, my fiends. Let us taste the beauty of the night.

XLII. Grim secrets surface, forgotten sins escape. The wind carries the wailing of the dead, searching darkness for redemption.

XLIII. When morbid thoughts consuming your mind… both deeply fascinate and disturb you. & so are you

XLIV. I murder daylight like crows blending shadows into Poe’s darkest night.

XLV. O darling, eternal sleep is not a curse… it’s a gift.

XLVI. You grow up believing u can be a superhero— save the world. Then one day, childhood dreams slip away & you realize you can’t even save yourself.

XLVII. The dark and wild things wait behind jagged teeth.

XLVIII. How is it, that together we are such a lonely pair?


XLIX. When the sparrows and daylings take cover, the dark things come out to play in the forbidden raptures of the night.

L. Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With cadaver heads in flower beds. And dead maidens all in a row.


LI. I breathe in stars and exhale the dark of night. Hold your breath, or drown in my shadow.

LII. My quiet soul finds solace in the moon’s silence.


LIII. I never realized how much of a monster I was… Until I saw that look in your eyes, when you recognized me as one of your own…

LIV. Maybe, all I am is pain and sad words…

LV. Perhaps wolves are simply fallen stars, forever severed from their mother moon… Pt. 1

LVI. O listen to their haunting cries! The Heavens tremble to the beat of their eternal ache. Pt. 2

LVII. One day, I’m going to board that train and never come back. And every time it wails into the night, you’ll remember why I’m gone.

LVIII. There are secrets my demons will never let go of… and even so, their inky trail taints every inch of my soul.

LVIX. My first night in the grave, grinding teeth, clawing flesh, just to ignore the ghastly cries that fill the night.

LX. The sad truth is… you don’t have to be dead to be a ghost.

LXI. On those lonely afternoons when the wind blows sad & cold, I spend my time rearranging fallen flowers on graves of loves lost.


LXII. Pain like this can’t be wished away, sweet pea.

LXIII. Look at her courting Death, wooing him to her voracious will.

LXIV. She keeps Death’s drippings of Ambrosial love— immortality on her lips and the greed of youth forever in her blackened heart.

LXV. I wanted empathy and stars ✨

LXVI. The Reaper cloaks a face so bewitching, that only departed souls may look upon him without risk of an early demise.



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