I know too much of Hate

I know too much of hate and how stereotypes can exacerbate and perpetuate the crazy need for people to assimilate for the majority to annihilate minorities and their “otherness,” because they fear what they don’t understand.

We must raise our voice and advocate, that we mustn’t put down but celebrate what makes us have different traits is beautiful.

We must go beyond the idea of tolerate. It’s up to us to create space for all people to relate and equate that beneath it all we’re all human.

We can incorporate, integrate and accommodate people of all dimensions without making them feel the need to terminate what makes them who they are or what they feel authenticates their existence.

It’s time to eliminate what compels us to discriminate, humiliate and invalidate our brothers and sisters.

Let’s participate in LOVE.

Let’s rehabilitate our state of hate and fabricate a world of peace to accelerate us into a positive future.

© J.G.


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