TWEETS – March 2017- @ObscuriousMuse

Pretty little girls, will always be preyed on by the hungry claws of big bad wolves… 🐺

You can take a beast out of the woods but the savagery of his soul will forever taint more than just his shadow.

And when I’m dead, I plan on becoming the ghost in the machine, perpetually tweeting dark nonsense from beyond the grave.

πŸ–€πŸ‘»β˜ οΈ

I exist mostly in a realm of non existence… perhaps, everything I am and was is nothing but an illusion of the mind.

I jumped because I knew I couldn’t fly. I was tired of this slow torturous descent, so into the darkness I fell.

Why is it, when I hold my breath, I feel closer to the stars?

A witch alone may cause a fright, But a gathering trio can rule the night!

Fingers smudging ink, a trail that begs to be followed…

Call me Lady or Mistress, but know that Midnight always follows… πŸ–€πŸ’‹

A parasol, black lace, & a wicked grin. She was a perfect Victorian daydream sauntering off the page of a vampiric ode to eternal night.

I just want to live in a glittery rainbow world, full of unicorns and mermaids.


Blood upon snow, blue lips below… this delicate flower now belongs to the crows.

Every time I reach the stars… why must I tumble right back into oblivion?

Rattle these hollow bones and tell me my fate… I no longer fear the Angel of Death, for now I crave him endlessly.


Moon spells, wolves from Hell, and all the secrets I shall never tell.

I do indeed have wings, my darling. But it would be very unwise to confuse me for an angel.

This heart of mine is sacred, but darling, my soul is far from holy.

A Book of Shadows in archaic runes, hear the witches chanting to the moon. Feel the power rise within, join your sisters your spirit kin.

Obsessing over a song like it’s all the air you’ll ever need, like it’s all the bad blood you need to bleed.

Born of of fire, I cannot cry. Forever suffocating on fiery ash burning from within. πŸ”₯

She cradles vowels on her tongue… a magic that lingers on parted lips before floating away with the clouds.

Celebrate the power nestled within the wild of your heart!

Vampire Dating: I enjoy sleeping in coffins, quiet walks in the graveyard & warm blood baths after a long night of slaying mortals.


Maybe the idea of soulmates is just an illusion… something we created so even in our loneliest hours there is still hope.


✨ Even the sky must bleed, before its poetry can be written in the stars. ✨

Wearing a crown of poppies, she lives between worlds… a shadow in life, a whisper in death & a bringer of the most alluring dreams.

With these cobwebbed lungs, every breath tastes of death & every kiss a gift for Hades that I give with malevolent satisfaction.


I knew I was 2nd to that femme fatale, Miss Scarlet. So I wasn’t completely clueless when your revolver found me alone in the study.


Following the eerie chimes of a music box unseen, I open the attic door, searching dusty shadows for the sound’s source…

I know how to make things bleed. I know how to make the light flee and the darkness smile.

Searching the cosmos for a planet of endless night. A sky of full of stars and sister moons to mother the fluorescent flora to life.

The chaos of thunder, the madness of lightning… all tucked within in a pair of black stilettos.


Naked amongst wolves, I am home. βœ¨πŸŒ™βœ¨πŸΊ

I’m a proper savage, darling. πŸ–€πŸ‘„πŸ”ͺ

You don’t need a backbone when you’re someone else’s puppet…

Find me in the graveyard, where only the loneliest of ghosts still linger… attached to nothing but rot & a name that once was…

Dirty glass smeared with dead flies. “What a delectable treat,” the SwampMonster said happily as he crawled in through the open window.

My fingers stay on Earth, But my mind deep in Hell. And there in the darkness are where my stories dwell.

The wolves sing my name to moon, calling my soul back from the unforgiving void of night.

Drowning in the piercing light of a new day, I weep for the gentle beauty of night.

Addicted to poison, we’re always craving the pain that awakens our wild as we kiss the gates of Hell.

What makes you feel vulnerable? Me: everything… πŸ˜”

I’ve bled ink for them, giving them my heart & soul, but never will they know my smile, or the way my hair shines in the noonday sun.

I split my tongue And licked the flame πŸ”₯ Howling Bleeding out your name!

One last breath, one last shiver. As I drown, down in the river. πŸ₯€

I’ve been scraping words from the bottom of my heart, but the truth is I bled dry a long time ago.

Vampires have midnight-magick hearts & moon-shadow souls… a wild too dark to be tamed. So come night & sinner’s blood, we wait.

In the day, I am a heathen in a strange place. I am a creature of night… and only in its dark am I home.


Trying to hold on to pieces of yesterday, but they melt away in my palms like wasted rainbows dripping onto hot pavement.

Rest on my bosom, my child sweet. For winter comes, and death you’ll meet.

Mortals left the wild places long ago… but witches always find their way home to the archaic magic that once sung us all into being.

And every night, the sky goes to war as the stars battle the endless dark…

I have a dark side that needs to be loved…

Clinging to shadows I yearn for its swaddling darkness…

Lost in the cornfield… Stumbling in the dirt, crawling in confusion. The wind is still, & yet the maze shifts & sways with activity.

A voice whispers. I freeze. Breathless & afraid with eyes closed, waiting for the pain.

The death of poetry will only come when the moon crashes into the mouth of the sea.

Run with the wild ones. Sleep with the haunted ones. And love the savage ones willing to fight for your heart.

I find a spiraling iron staircase, a relic of an age now gone. I follow its curves, my weight making it tremble and my heartΒ racing with what waits at its end.

Wild bones & a feral spirit always waiting, waiting in the night…

I’ve got a mouth crawling with spiders and I’m choking on webs woven deep in my throat to where they hatch in my gut.

Like two teardrops in the sea, we are forever twined… even if, my love, we shall never meet again.

Just admit it… You write love poems about your dog, too.

Rusty-butcher hooks clanking in the shed during a thunderstorm… my favorite kind of wind-chimes.

Disembodied screams rattling from the cellar… the most comforting of lullabies for those lazy starless nights.

It’s just a drop of poison, darling…

Break the silence of the night. Let out a scream, my darling.


I’m a harpy, darling… My talons can skewer your heart & bleed you dry, just as easily, as they can gut you like the pig that you are…

Like a piece of stolen paradise, my dark angel shines with a butcher knife chandelierβ€” her rebellious halo, sassily tilting above her head.

Sometimes, all we have left is our ugliness…

She was a strange little flower, silently mourning the moonlight. πŸŒ™πŸ₯€

A wildflower can exist in a garden but O how confined she is with fences hiding her horizons…

To be a writer: is to create magic out of words.

To be a Poet… Is to share the magic written in the ✨stars✨

Nothing like a sunset to make a pretty flower swoon πŸ‘„πŸ’œπŸŒ·

Sipping on tea and gnawing on the bones they left behind. β˜•οΈ

Lead me wolf, to the edge of darkness, to the beginning of madness. Let me feel your bite so that I may learn to howl once more!

A sad lullaby reverberates from the old piano, there is no one caressing its keys and yet, the room swells with its desperate pleas.

Mermaids weaving moonbeams in their hair….

Twisted secrets hover just beyond the candle’s flickering light.

I’ve been collecting darkness in the lines of these rough-edged palms… tell me Madame, what do they say?

Girls forever teasingly carry the magic of kisses tucked away in playful creases of their smiles.

This is a land where magic reigns, where stars are dreams hanging in the sky & imagination dances w/ fluffy clouds in the infinite horizon!

His fairy fell in love withΒ his wild & chaos, but O what a tragedy for something so small to have a heart so big, loving what cannot give love in return.

I am magic! I am darkness! I am cauldrons, black cats and Midnight broom rides through a Harvest Moon sky!

Darling, it’s much better to love a zombie than a pirate. You need a man who’ll swoon for your brains before he gets the booty.

There are dark ones And light ones and Those in between But when I gut Out their bellies, They all make a scream


A scream of pain. A scream of fear. Screams to have A love one near. Let the wail! Let them cry! Let the beg for a last goodbye

I have learned from my dear brother Caine How to bathe in their blood, the color of pain.

The witches hour is coming to an end, my love. I must fly home to my coven, for we creatures of night have no place under the rising sun.

Tea cakes, dark chocolate covered spiders & a dash of freshly whipped Hippogriff crΓ¨me… πŸ°β˜•οΈπŸ–€πŸ’‹

I met this superHOTguy online. All his pics were ripped abs&long dreamy hair but when we met for coffeeΒ he was a bloody centaur! Men… ughh



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