The Night Purrs

I’ve learnt that the night purrs, when you pet her ever so gently… And when she does, some nights she hums the hymns of the angels, and other nights, she whispers the songs of the fallen… always calling within herself the magic of the light and the dark to mystify all dreaming mortals until dawn lulls her to a silent hush, waiting just beyond the horizon.

© J.G.


Haunted Persephone

She was like Persephone, the embodiment of youth, with rosy cheeks, flowers blooming in her hair and birds sining sweetly in her ear. But alas, like Persephone, she was marked by a terrible darkness – Death, who was always breathing down her delicate neck- a constant reminder that her time in paradise would never be but a taste of a beautiful forever, so long as Hell lay beneath her feet.

© J.G.

Bat Girl

Watch her drag that bat, metal scraping on cracked cement. Slowly pacing, getting ready for the kill.

Red lips pursed, arched brows in a scowl. Her energy pulsing, like cold air stinging your skin.

She raises the bat high. Eyes turned black and a devious smile stretching across her face.

The street lamp shines upon her, your hellish angel brining death, but its shadows turn her delicate features harsh and you know this is it.

You brace yourself as the bat’s whoosh is the last sound you hear, striking again and again until the blood in your eyes goes black.

© J.G.

Vampire Meets Boy

Can these fangs make you happy? Will the pain be enough to forever leave my mark upon your soul? Or will you forget me when the sun is caressing your skin? Will you be waiting for me when dusk comes to swallow the light… or will you abandon my love for another this night?

© J.G.

Death Cradles Me

Death cradles me so close. My ear pressed against his hollow chest, I hear the echoes of eternity, like the whispering wings of the angels. His eyes were once black voids as I looked upon them, but now I see the stars in those spheres of endless night… and O how beautiful this mortal end will be… I am ready to let go and sink into the milky cocoon of Heaven’s womb, reborn among the clouds and the welcoming golden gates.

© J.G.